About me page

Hello sweet human!

I’m Jamma [she/her]. The name given to me at birth is Amanda, and yes I’ll respond but I much prefer the respect I feel when I hear my preferred name.

Everyday we have the opportunity to do better than we did the day before. That’s the exact purpose of Waning Moon. To wane is to decrease; reduce. Everyday I choose to remain conscious of the waste that I am producing as well as the waste of my family as a whole. I’m bringing my passion into my community and surrounding areas to create a happier more sustainable way of life, and have started working with Taste of Muskegon as a Sustainability Co-Coordinator!

When I’m not obsessing over the waste we create, you can find me in the garden with my hubby and son, lovin’ on my chickens, hiking, grabbing a bite with a friend, hanging with circle friends, a good ol’ Netflix binge, or writing with my mayn over at Sixteen Hens.

“Reach for the (Waning) Moon, and even if you miss you’ll land among the Stars.”-Norman Vincent Peale