Back to School: Reduced Waste Lunch

Howdy all and Happy Waning Moon! (I’m a little late, but hey. Slow progress is still progress.) It’s back to school time! Whether you’re sending your kids back so you have room to breath, or you’re keeping them home to keep them safe, I have a few reduced waste lunch ideas I’m gonna share.

Reduced Waste Lunch Ideas

Multiple Meals for Less

Growing up I loved Lunchables and I always wanted my mom to get them so I felt cool at school.

All food items from Aldi- update coming soon to reduce waste even MORE.

It doesn’t feel so cool to me anymore. It’s a single use plastic product that I’m just not happy about and refuse to purchase. It’s so simple to make my own, MULTIPLE times for less $$$- all while reducing my waste. WINNING!

Slap 3-4 pieces of ham together and push down. So easy. The remaining meat either goes to dog or chickens.

Sammies go in a Tupperware/Reusable Bag/Wax Wrap

Sandwiches are fast, easy, and are cost efficient. Ditch the Ziplock (gag) and get creative with how you pack it up!

Send them to school with Leftovers

Most schools have a microwave if anything needs to be heated. Why not reduce your food waste and send them to school with a healthy meal you made at home?

Stop Buying Plastic Utensils

As ALWAYS, use and reuse what you have until you just can’t anymore. Honestly, I have so many plastic utensils just from going out to eat, or getting ice cream. Use what you have, and then use the utensils you have from home.

Worried about them being left at school? Head over to the thrift store and have your kid pick out their own special school fork and spoon.

Reduced Waste Lunch Ideas: Cloth Napkin

You don’t need to keep buying paper napkins. Send your kiddo to school with a cloth napkin and request they put it back in their lunch box after they are finished with lunch. Badda bing.

I like to wrap the utensils in the napkin, and add a little love note from time to time.

Reusable Water Bottle/ Little Bottles for Milk or Juice

Always send your kiddo to school with a reusable water bottle to reduce waste and keep them hydrated. Hydration is important for focus.

Remember the “Good to Grow” bottle top I used for the lunchable? I’ve used the bottles over again to send my kiddo with juice or milk for lunch. But my favorite item to use is my old breast milk bottles. That’s right, I said it. I kept some of those bad boys so I could have something small enough to fit into a lunch box.

I pray this school year gives you plenty of opportunities to use these reduced waste lunch ideas, and brings you joy beyond comparison. And remember…

Reach for the (Waning) Moon, and even if you miss you’ll land among the Stars. (Norman Vincent Peale)

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