Welcome to Waning-Moon!

For a while I’ve been watching the moon and learning about her cycles. When I found those cycles are connected to my own womanly cycle, I got intrigued. Each of the four moon cycles correlates to a part in mine, but also with the energy we all feel. I’m not going to go too much into that, but I did find something so beautiful and intriguing about the waning moon.

The waning moon is all about decrease. About the things we wish to have less of in our lives. It also is a time where we may have less energy. So, if you wanted to decrease debt, weight, hate, etc..The waning moon is a perfect time to set those intentions.

My intention is to decrease waste. To reduce the amount of plastics I use. To eat healthier by decreasing the amount of processed food that goes into my body. I want to decrease the amount of times I walk into a major grocery store and go to the farmers market more (also my own back yard).

This intention has been one of mine for a long time, but until now I wasn’t really sure how to get there. The purpose of my life is to love. Radically. And so, lovely reader, here I am. Setting that purpose forward. I want to decrease waste so much in my own life that I show you that you can too. We’ve developed a world that in consumed by consuming. I want to consume, of course, I find nothing wrong with enjoying ourselves. I just want to do it in a conscious way and I pray every day my “infection” infects everyone around me.

Reach for the (Waning) Moon, and even if you miss you’ll land among the Stars. -Norman Vincent Peale.

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